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Regina Puno

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︎ Senior Library

Showcasing the School of Visual Arts graduating class’ work through an unconventional, non-linear experience. We designed the 2016 SVA Senior Library in reference to the Choose Your Own Adventure series—books with no true beginning, middle or end—to represent a designer’s education, design-thinking, career, and life after graduation.
        We approached the book as an object in itself; a glowing 728-page block that could easily stand out from the shelf. As a nod to each graduates’ bright future ahead, we used a bright, fluorescent pink as a leading design element, ensuring that it was perfectly translated across all components—including custom dyed head and tail bands, edge painted pages, and covers wrapped in printed textured stock.

Studio: Hinterland
Year: 2016
Team: Scott Buschkuhl, Jen Marchese

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