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Regina Puno

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︎ Planters
Identity, Packaging

Celebrating the brand’s straight-to-the-nut sensibility, debonair flare, and crave-worthy irresistibility. It was time for Planters’ visual identity to reflect the brand’s commitment to authenticity, and mission to instill trust in the quality and expertise of their product.
        We provided a subtle yet elevated visual update to the brand by building on Mr. Peanut’s core characteristics and reinstating the nut’s position at the forefront of the healthy snack category. Every detail—from the simplified logo, sophisticated color palette, and new mouth-watering photography—celebrate an evolved brand that highlights the irresistible taste, texture, and flavors of its nuts.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Dave Fung, Cat Wyatt, John Colon, Emma Pembroke
Photography: Alex Lau
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Last updated: 05 / 2022