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Regina Puno

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︎ Motto by Hilton
Identity, Art Direction

Giving guests a fresh perspective on the new and familiar. We developed a visual identity for Motto, a new reimagined hotel experience from Hilton designed for younger travelers.
          Centrally located in desirable neighborhoods, Motto encourages guests, both travelers and locals, to connect with the culture by providing them with authentic and locally-minded experiences. A simplified system takes cues from maps, grids, and navigational gestures—magnifying moments and pinpointing possibilities so guests can discover unique perspectives and create real life connections during their stay.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Weston Doty, Morgan Doff, Colleen O’Meara
Logo Design: Highfield
Photography: Jeremy Liebman, Joe Thomas 

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