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Regina Puno

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︎ In Memory of Mr. Peanut
Campaign, Packaging

Commemorating an American icon with an extremely limited edition collection. We worked with the fearless team at Planters to honor Mr. Peanut’s legacy and highlight his most memorable moments as the world mourned his loss at the SuperBowl in 2020.
        A bright-colored, nostalgic visual language is reminiscent of his most influential years—from his inception as a silent vaudeville, to his rise as The Nickel Lunch spokesman. We produced a small run of 30 sets, which were auctioned off on social media.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2020
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Dave Fung, Weston Doty, John Colon, Edvin Puzinkevich, Emma Pembroke
Campaign: VaynerMedia

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