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Regina Puno

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︎ Burger King
Identity, Art Direction

Transforming a brand into something immensely, unstoppably, impossibly craveable. We designed a new brand identity to reflect Burger King’s big leap towards better-tasting, higher quality food.
        The new logo, macro photography, custom, juicy typeface on the packaging, new crew uniforms, digital experiences—even our new restaurants needed to scream craveability. The addition of a playfully irreverent tone-of-voice and hand-drawn illustrations show that big flavor isn’t always serious. The new Burger King brand is taste-first design, inspired by our brand pillars: Mouthwatering, Big & Bold, Playfully Irreverent and Proudly True.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: Lisa Smith, Christian Widlic, Justin Fines, Daniel Stettner, JiYoon Cha, Taylor Childers, Jackie Rodriguez, Linda Strong, Morgan Doff, Dan Kennington, Owen McAleer + many, many others.
Type Design: Colophon Foundry
Illustration: Cachetejack
Photography: Mari Juliano
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