Baked Website

Website design, e-commerce and interactive art direction for Baked, an artisanal bakery and cafe offering a unique twist on traditional American food and desserts. This website was launched in conjunction with their brand refresh which included a new ready-to-eat line featuring their popular granola, baking mixes and dessert spreads. 

The challenge and approach

Our team set out to transform Baked’s mission of bringing better desserts to everyone into a cohesive brand and online experience. We took a user-first approach to understanding the needs and considerations of each customer as they seek convenient and delightful desserts. The result was a seamless online ordering experience personalized for each customer, whether near or far, that clearly defined each step needed to acquire Baked’s delightful desserts.

The visual language

Through every stage of our process, we made sure the core attributes of Baked’s visual brand refresh—vernacular of classic American fare, mid-century modern design, and a bit of brash Brooklyn energy—were clearly displayed. In layout, we embraced simplicity through the use of an exact modular grid system, juxtaposed against a playful yet refined application of typography, imagery and color.

Designing for all touchpoints

From there, we worked to enhance Baked's online ordering experience to enable deeper engagement between the brand and its customers while making sure the experience was fluid across multiple breakpoints.  The goal was to keep the design and experience consistent across the different scenarios so users always understood where they were in the process, ultimately minimizing conflict with customer service and increasing digital conversion.

Completed @ Hinterland
In collaboration with Scott Buschkuhl & Jen Marchese

UX & Development by Devona

Design & Art Direction
© 2020