Away Holiday 2018

Campaign and photo art direction for Away’s 2018 Holiday campaign. The campaign aims to illustrate relationship dynamics between two or more people, explicitly seen through the lens of gifting over the holiday season. The tongue-in-cheek messaging—highly specific, yet still relatable—is complemented by abstracted paper sculptures that speak to each individual’s gift wrapping styles and quirks. The elevated photo style, rich color palette, and custom typeface further hint to and emphasize that this season, everyone wants to get Away. The campaign was featured on the website, paid social media ads, email newsletters, OOH signage, and printed mailers.  

Completed at Away
Role: Senior Designer
Design Director: Vanessa Lam
Senior Art Director: Elsa Chiao
Senior Designer: Zack Repko
Copy: Trace Barnhill, Kaela Myers
Photographer: Leandro Farina
Stylist: Naomi Bonazzi
Producers: Gabrielle Nicoletti, Jon Young

Design & Art Direction
© 2018