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Regina Puno

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︎ Everyone wants to get Away
Campaign, Art Direction

Presenting the season’s easiest and most sought-after gift. We designed and directed a 360° marketing campaign for Away’s biggest months of the year.
        With the challenge of balancing limited edition pieces and core products across an array of price points, we united them with one common principle: everyone just wants to get Away. We showcased the effortless gift-ability of Away products—no matter the relationship between giver and receipient—and wrapped and unwrapped the perfect gifts in many different ways to support the overall messaging of the campaign.

Studio: Away (In-house)
Year: 2018
Team: Vanessa Lam, Elsa Chiao, Zack Repko, Manya Swick, Kaela Myers, Ruby Honerkamp
Photography: Leandro Farina, Timothy Shivers
Set: Noemi Bonazzi

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