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Regina Puno

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︎ Burger King
Identity, Art Direction

Transforming a brand into something immensely, unstoppably, impossibly craveable. We designed a new brand identity to reflect Burger King’s big leap towards better-tasting, higher quality food.
        The new logo, macro photography, custom, juicy typeface on the packaging, new crew uniforms, digital experiences—even our new restaurants needed to scream craveability. The addition of a playfully irreverent tone-of-voice and hand-drawn illustrations show that big flavor isn’t always serious. The new Burger King brand is taste-first design, inspired by our brand pillars: Mouthwatering, Big & Bold, Playfully Irreverent and Proudly True.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: Lisa Smith, Christian Widlic, Justin Fines, Daniel Stettner, JiYoon Cha, Taylor Childers, Jackie Rodriguez, Linda Strong, Morgan Doff, Dan Kennington, Owen McAleer + many, many others.
Type Design: Colophon Foundry
Illustration: Cachetejack
Photography: Mari Juliano
︎ Motto by Hilton
Identity, Art Direction

Giving guests a fresh perspective on the new and familiar. We developed a visual identity for Motto, a new reimagined hotel experience from Hilton designed for younger travelers.
          Centrally located in desirable neighborhoods, Motto encourages guests, both travelers and locals, to connect with the culture by providing them with authentic and locally-minded experiences. A simplified system takes cues from maps, grids, and navigational gestures—magnifying moments and pinpointing possibilities so guests can discover unique perspectives and create real life connections during their stay.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Weston Doty, Morgan Doff, Colleen O’Meara
Logo Design: Highfield
Photography: Jeremy Liebman, Joe Thomas 

︎ Planters
Identity, Packaging

Celebrating the brand’s straight-to-the-nut sensibility, debonair flare, and crave-worthy irresistibility. It was time for Planters’ visual identity to reflect the brand’s commitment to authenticity, and mission to instill trust in the quality and expertise of their product.
        We provided a subtle yet elevated visual update to the brand by building on Mr. Peanut’s core characteristics and reinstating the nut’s position at the forefront of the healthy snack category. Every detail—from the simplified logo, sophisticated color palette, and new mouth-watering photography—celebrate an evolved brand that highlights the irresistible taste, texture, and flavors of its nuts.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2021
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Dave Fung, Cat Wyatt, John Colon, Emma Pembroke
Photography: Alex Lau
︎ In Memory of Mr. Peanut
Campaign, Packaging

Commemorating an American icon with an extremely limited edition collection. We worked with the fearless team at Planters to honor Mr. Peanut’s legacy and highlight his most memorable moments as the world mourned his loss at the SuperBowl in 2020.
        A bright-colored, nostalgic visual language is reminiscent of his most influential years—from his inception as a silent vaudeville, to his rise as The Nickel Lunch spokesman. We produced a small run of 30 sets, which were auctioned off on social media.

Studio: JKR
Year: 2020
Team: JB Hartford, Matt Egan, Dave Fung, Weston Doty, John Colon, Edvin Puzinkevich, Emma Pembroke
Campaign: VaynerMedia

︎ Terminal A
Identity, Signage, Packaging
Bringing to life Away’s brand philosophy of elevated, seamless travel. We celebrated Away’s new product launch for the Travel Uniform, with an immersive airport pop-up experience.
       The experience was conceptualized and created to illustrate how the products work seamlessly together and adapt to wherever travel takes you. The space itself included a security area with scanners showcasing the features of each product (both inside and out), a “Houston News” kiosk selling limited edition merch, as well as a Uniform Shop where customers could purchase their Away bags.

Studio: Away (In-house)
Year: 2018
Team: Vanessa Lam, Ryan Dutch, Bella DiMarzio, Trace Barnhill, Kaela Myers, Ruby Honerkamp
Production: Invisible North

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